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Sensory Wands (4 pack)

Sensory Wands (4 pack)

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These Sensory Wands are a wonderful and robust multi-sensory resource. Made from tough acrylic, the tubes are filled with tiny colourful beads & small foil shapes that cascade down the wand in a spiral when it is turned over. The rhythmic flow and motion of the shiny contents as they swirl and sparkle along the wand is truly mesmerizing. These are ideal for taking out and about.

Sensory Wands have many uses, including:
  • Provides a form of visual relaxation.
  • Can be used to help children soothe or calm down.
  • Allows the child to explore the contents of the wand in a safe way.
  • Can be used to develop language – describe what you can see, what is happening? What colour can you see? What shapes can you see? What happens when you shake it?
  • Inspires curiosity.
  • Encourages attentiveness
  • Develops tracking and focus skills

Four supplied – pink & purple, yellow & orange, purple & white, green & orange.

CE tested.

Recommended age: 3 Years+

Dimensions: 14cm approx.

**Please note, while robust, this item is not designed for hitting other objects. Please follow the safety information included with the product.*