5 Simple Valentine's Play Ideas

Here are 5 simple play ideas that are themed around love:⁠

❤️ Make your own Valentine's cards using recycled card, crayons/felt tips and other crafty items you may have (pom moms, sequins, buttons). You could post these through a neighbours letterbox or give them to someone in your family.⁠

❤️Create love notes - write what you love about people in your family and give them to them.⁠

❤️DIY heart stamping - using an empty toilet roll, shape it into a heart shape, dip in paint and get stamping!⁠

❤️Make some Valentines soup - fill a bowl or your sink with warm water, add some red food colouring and add anything else you'd like - glitter, flower petals, herbs. Mix together with a wooden spoon and pour into containers. p.s. this is not to be eaten!⁠

❤️Matching Hearts Game - this game can be adapted depending on the age of your child. Cut out some heart shapes from recycled cardboard or paper. Decorate two the same - same colour, same patterns, same number written on them, same letter, same word. Ask your toddler to match them up. ⁠

Let me know if you give any of these ideas a go. I'd love to see. Please tag me in your photos using #minisensesplay and I'll share as many as I can to my stories 🥰⁠

Happy playing! ⁠

Lisa xx

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