About us

Hi I'm Lisa, the owner of Mini Senses. I am a mummy to 3 wonderful girls (15, 8 & 2) and two lovely stepchildren (17 & 11). I am a qualified primary school teacher but recently made the very hard decision to take a break from the classroom to spend more time with my children.

The idea of Mini Senses first began at the beginning of 2019, however it took me nearly a year to find the courage to set my little business up properly. Whilst on maternity leave with my youngest I made some sensory products for her to play with at home, she loved them! That is when I decided to make and sell sensory products - to give other children the opportunity of sensory play at home. I have always enjoyed sensory play with my children, both at home and in the classroom, so I thought that, paired with my teaching knowledge would be the perfect combination. My business has now grown and I stock a wide range of products, mainly wooden toys, that are carefully chosen to provide opportunities for the child to learn as they play.

The name Mini Senses was created after several brainstorming sessions with my family (you should have heard some of the ideas). The ‘Mini’ represents the baby or young child and the ‘Senses’ depicts the sensory products and the body’s senses which are stimulated by the products.

Mini Senses is definitely a family business, with everyone having a role. Having five product testers at home is great as I get to trial my products on a range of ages, even the older ones enjoy getting involved! My children love to help where they can, if you see a wonky sticker on your parcel you’ll know it was stuck by one of them! Even my wonderful husband has been given a job - not only is he my accountant, he is also chief delivery driver.

If you have any questions at all or are looking for something particular, please contact me. I am always happy to help.

Lisa xx