Easy Play Ideas for World Oceans Day

It's World Oceans Day. A great day to talk to your children about how important it is that we look after our oceans.

Here are some easy ways to bring the ocean into your everyday play:

🌊Talk about what animals you find living in the ocean, show them some photographs or videos. Can you act like a sea creature? E.g. run around with your hands in a fin shape above your head like a shark, create fish noises with your mouth, or snap your fingers together like a crab.

🌊Create an ocean themed play tray. Choose a sensory base such as blue sensory rice, shredded paper, coloured foam or even water and some shells then add your sea creature toys.

🌊Share a story about the sea. Tiddler and Commotion in the Ocean are my favourites.

🌊Have a go at drawing some ocean creatures or practise following a wavy line to show the waves in the water.

🌊Enjoy some water play - fill a bowl with water or have a daytime bath.

🌊Play with some ocean themed toys. Do you have a fish themed jigsaw puzzle? A cuddly toy dolphin? During play you can talk about the creatures, where they live, what they eat etc.

Happy Playing!

Lisa :)

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