How can I help my child learn their colours?

Between 18 and 30 months of age, you may see that your child is beginning to show an interest in learning colours. This is an ideal age to introduce colour activities with them. 

Focus on one or two colours at a time so that you don't overwhelm your child. Choose contrasting colours, e.g. red and yellow, blue and red that are easy to distinguish from each other. Once your child becomes familiar with those colours you can add more.

I recommend beginning any activity by focusing on two colours of the same item. E.g. have a red car and a blue car or a red brick and a blue brick etc. In doing this your child will not be confused with the object as the focus is on the colour only.

Here are some activities that you can do to help your child learn their colours. Remember to only focus on two colours to begin. 

Conversation - point out colours as you come across them everyday - cars, toys, the colour of front doors, food, everyday objects. Focus on the colours you are currently working on until your child becomes more confident.

Colour matching - can you put the blue car on the blue spot? Put the green items in the green basket,

Choosing colours - can you pass me the red bear?

Naming colours - what colour is that?

⭐Place a range of different objects of different colours in front of your child. Ask them to sort the objects into groups by their colour. 

⭐Fill a storage tub or tray with a sensory base - rice, oats, cereals, pasta, sand all work well and place a range of items of different colours inside. Bury some of the items for extra fun. Ask your child to find a yellow item... something blue... etc.

⭐Create colour mats by colouring in/ painting or printing on some paper or cardboard. Ask your child to go and fetch different items and place them on the correct colour mat.

⭐Create a coloured themed Tuff Tray. Older children can help create this with you. Choose a range of items that will ignite all of the senses.

⭐If you have coloured pom poms and jumbo tweezers, create a colour sorting activity, this also works on those fine motor skills.

I hope you enjoy these activities. Remember, if you would like to share your play with me, use #minisensesplay and I will share as many as I can to my stories on social media.

Lisa x

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