My favourite low cost resource for sensory play at home...

Foil Blankets are one of my favourite resources to use during sensory play at home. They are such a great resource for sensory play and can be used in so many different ways as baby grows.

Here are some play ideas...

⭐Lay the blanket out flat on the floor and place baby on their back. They will soon learn that if they move their arms or legs the blanket will make a noise. This is great for learning cause and effect and developing gross motor skills.

⭐Place baby on their tummy on the blanket. You could place a toy in front of them to capture their attention. As they try to move towards the toy the blanket will crinkle and crunch underneath them.

⭐Play peekaboo and hide under the blanket. (Do not cover baby’s face).

⭐Use the blanket to make a den. Add light up toys for an added sensory experience.

*Please note this is not a toy, it is a sensory aid & must be used with adult supervision.

Have you used a foil blanket during play with your Mini? What did they think?

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