Have you been on a Sensory Walk before?

A Sensory Walk is a great way to really be mindful out in nature. As you are walking pay attention to what you see, hear, touch and smell.

On a recent walk with my children, I purposely walked over mud, pebbles, in a puddle and on dried leaves to hear the different sounds under my feet. My children then copied me. We talked about what the mud felt like - soft, squelchy, slippery and what it sounded like. We compared this to the puddle which felt cold, then to the pebbles and the leaves. This was a great opportunity for language development. We focused on the sense of touch and sound here.

On our walk we also took notice of what we could smell. We could smell the fumes from the tractor that passed us, we could smell the horses hay and we stopped to smell some flowers. We talked about what we liked and didn't like and why.

We also explored our sense of touch by feeling different types of leaves. Some were bumpy, some were smooth and some were crispy and crunchy.

With my older daughter (15), I talked about mindfulness and how important it is to give yourself a break from technology.

You can adapt your walk to the ages of your own child/ren, as you may know my children vary in age from 3 to 15 so there was something for them all here.

Why not try a Sensory Walk this weekend. Let me know if you manage to get out.

Happy playing! 😊

Lisa x

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