Toy Rotation... Do you do it?

I have talked about this before on my page. Toy rotation is one way to get the most out of play with your child. If you are finding that your child just plays with the same thing again and again or will not play with a toy for a sustained period of time then toy rotation may help.

Sometimes having too many toys out for a child to choose from can be daunting for them. They may pick one or two favourite toys that they are comfortable with and ignore all of the others.

On the other hand, having too many toys out for a child to play with can be overwhelming, They may want to play with them all so not want to play with one thing for a sustained period of time. Moving from toy to toy quickly.

To help with these problems, choose a few toys for the day and put all others away out of sight if you can. Doing this keeps play exciting and makes sure that the toys at the bottom of the toy box get played with too. If your child is emotionally attached to a particular toy then keep that one out too so they do not become upset.

If you have a shelving area where you display toys, you may also choose to regularly rotate the toys displayed here. You can theme them, e.g. by colour, by learning skill or by topic if you are working on something in particular or just choose a random selection. This can then be changed weekly or fortnightly, whatever suits you and your family best.

I'd love to know if toy rotation is something that you do, let me know in the comments below this blog.

Lisa x

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