Why is problem solving important in child development?

Problem solving is one the most important skills children can develop as it prepares them to deal with issues they will face as they grow older. The earlier children begin solving problems, the more prepared they will be to deal with bigger challenges as they mature.

As a teacher, I regularly incorporated problem solving activities into lessons. This gave children the opportunity to learn resilience, creativity and flexibility whilst also developing communication and collaboration skills too. Problem solving builds confidence in children as well as independent thinking.

As adults, we like to help our children when they can't do something. However, allowing them to complete a task independently will give them the confidence needed for more complex problem solving. When your child encounters a problem, instead of jumping in and solving it for them, you can help them by guiding them to the solution. Ask them questions to help, such as - What...? Where...? How...? When...? Why...? directing them to answer the problem for themselves.

You can offer your child simple problem solving activities from a young age. Here are some toys that are great for promoting problem solving:

⭐Threading activities
⭐Stacking toys
⭐Imaginative play
⭐Matching games
⭐Building blocks

If you would like any other ideas of information on this topic, please feel free to send me a message. I am always happy to help.

Happy playing!

Lisa x

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