Foil Blanket
Foil Blanket
Foil Blanket

Foil Blanket

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Our Sensory Foil Blankets are a great multi-sensory resource which are very popular with babies and children. They are a valuable resource to add to any sensory collection.

👁 It's shiny and reflective so quickly grabs the child's attention.
👂When you touch it you will hear a crinkly, crunching sound. This makes children want to touch it more to make more noise - great for learning cause and effect and developing gross motor skills.
🖐 The blanket is lightweight so can easily be carried and lifted by small children. It is soft and smooth to the touch and makes a noise when moved.
⭐ Play Ideas - Use them for tummy time as babies will enjoy seeing the reflective material and hearing the noise created when they move their arms and legs. With older babies you can make a den using the foil blanket, put it over a small table and crawl underneath with light up toys for an added sensory experience.

Play card included.

Dimensions: 150 x 100 cm

CE marked

**This is not a toy, it is sold as a sensory and must be used under adult supervision.**