Black & White Sensory Cards (set of 6)
Black & White Sensory Cards (set of 6)

Black & White Sensory Cards (set of 6)

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This set of 6 Sensory Cards, with black and white contrast images, are to be used to provide visual stimulation for a young baby.

Did you know that when a baby is born they cannot see in full colour? Their eyesight is not fully developed. Research has shown that newborn babies can only see objects which range from 20 - 30 cm away from them.
These cards can be used to:
  • Develop visual perception
  • Develop cognitive development
  • Enhance concentration
  • Develop ability to focus on an object
  • Develop tracking skills by encouraging baby to follow the card as you move it in front of their face.
  • Promote curiosity

These Sensory Cards are made of quality thick card which is lightweight, non-fading, durable and safe to use. They are double-sided with a different image on each side.

How to use:

  • Hold a card or place one propped up next to baby, approximately 20-30 cm away from their face. Allow baby to look, focus and concentrate on the image. After approximately 20 seconds turn the card over to show the reverse image or swap the card. Continue doing this for a couple of minutes. Over time you will see that your baby’s attention span becomes longer as it becomes more developed.
  • Hold a card in front of baby, once baby has focused on it carefully move it from side to side. This will develop baby’s ability to visually track an object.
  • Once baby can hold their head, place them on their tummy with the cards in front of them. This will aid neck strength as well as developing their attention span.
Your selection of 6 cards will include a range of images which could include patterns, shapes, vegetables, fruit, animals and everyday objects.

Play ideas included.
Dimensions: approx. 13.7 x 13.7 cm