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Spiral Liquid Sensory Bottle
Spiral Liquid Sensory Bottle
Spiral Liquid Sensory Bottle
Spiral Liquid Sensory Bottle

Spiral Liquid Sensory Bottle

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This hands on, visually engaging Spiral Sensory Bottle will engage both children and adults. Turn the bottle upside down and watch as the coloured liquid spirals around the bottle before calmly settling at the bottom. This bottle is very lightweight and is shaped in a way to make it easy to hold.

Sensory Bottles have many uses, including:

  • Provides a form of visual relaxation.
  • Can be used to help children/adults soothe or calm down.
  • Allows the child to explore the contents of the bottle in a safe way.
  • Can be used to develop language – describe what you can see, what is happening? What colour can you see? What happens when you shake it?
  • Inspires curiosity.
  • Encourages attentiveness.
  • Encourages visual tracking and focus.

Available in 3 colours: Green, Purple & Orange. Choose from the drop down menu.

CE tested.

Recommended age: 3 years+

    Dimensions: 15cm x 5.5cm approx.

    **Please note, this is not a toy. It is meant for visual entertainment only. Adult supervision required. Handle with care. If the item is dropped on a hard surface it may crack and leak. If this happens discard immediately, then wash any body parts that have come into contact with the liquid with soap and warm water. Please follow the safety information included with the product.**